Quality and Safety


ISO 9001: VISION 2008 certification for support services for start up, operation and maintenance for power generation, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants.


Safety and environment management

We are also certificated to ISO 14000 environment management rule and to OHSAS 18000 safety certification:


Achieving a high level of quality of service, supported by a quality system compliant to UNI EN ISO 9001, is a goal to which all staff must contribute.
The survey of customers’ expectations, assessment of satisfaction and the analysis of competitiveness of the company, are the basis of our organization.

In CSTI Group S.r.l. we are all customers and suppliers of our company and we have to assume this role with the rights and obligations that this entails.

The business must be conducted with a view to continuous improvement. For this reason CSTI Group S.r.l. seeks new annual measurable quality objectives in terms of cost, time, and quality of service provided in order to highlight the improvements made. These objectives are defined, discussed and approved during the review by senior management.
Prevention and reduction of health risks and workers safety, in particular those related to work environments and preventing pollution through proper waste management and facilities are commitments that CSTI Group S.r.l. assumes because it considers them to be fundamental. The company also undertakes to ensure compliance with legislation in all areas.
CSTI Group S.r.l. intends to motivate their employees to develop, at each level, the sense of responsibility towards environment, health and safety, including exploiting appropriate training.