Management Software for Commissioning

Ma.S.Com (managment software for commissioning) is our web application. It can be customized and focused on client request and project purpose. It responds to our requirement of information availability everywhere, in real time and to authorized staff. The source code is propriety of CSTI srl. Our specialist are available for demo presentation.


Ma.S.Com has the aim to support:

  • Erection completion
  • Precommissioning
  • Mechanical completion turn over
  • Commissioning
  • Production start up & trial tests
  • Hand over to production team


Available soon in 2 different versions:

  • Ma.S.Com for nuclear plants
  • Ma.S.Com for other power plants


Ma.S.Com allows field activities to be:

  • Organized and planned
  • Certified
  • Managed in real time
  • Reported to all management levels
  • Stored for future uses
  • Interactive with trainees
  • Assisted from remote